Cocoa drink

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Cake "Coffee marocchino"
237 - - -
Spending time in a cafe, our youngest son likes to order different layered and mnogovekovoe coffee. Just a cappuccino or latte it is already uninteresting. Certainly so with syrup, or marshmallows, or even in mixture with chocolate. Well – young – take that. Sweet tooth and the gourmet! For him and baked this cake, to a simple home coffee was delicious!
Chocolate cake on kefir with coconut
222 - 60м 8
Quick pie on the yogurt with a small number of ingredients "in haste".
Yogurt pancakes with chocolate and cheese sauce
181 - 90м 3
Sweet pancakes with chocolate and cheese sauce. Delicious and easy!
Plum cake with buttermilk foam
153 - - -
Lush chocolate cake with sweet plum fall under the gentle veil of foam yogurt chocolate yogurt! It's just a holiday! Try it!
Chocolate pancakes with spicy cherry sauce
149 - 47м 4
Homemade pancakes with cocoa and spicy cherry sauce, which is prepared in 2 minutes!!! Tasty and very fast!
Cake chocolate-peanut "My sunshine"
138 - - -
Easy to prepare, gentle in taste, aromatic and full-bodied. I baked this cake specially for Masha ( manusa) on the day of her birth! Congratulations, my dear friend!!!

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