Pasta, peanut

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Pancakes-Swifty with chocolate filling
255 5 10м 10
Pancakes for the sweet tooth. The people are called precocious or quick pancakes.
233 5 - -
Simple and tasty cake with chocolate paste and assorted fruits.
233 - 60м -
Continue to explore Japanese cuisine and decided to try something sweet. I suggest all to join me!
Chocolate candy with filling
219 - - -
Everything else in the store do not buy! Well, you can do yourself and it doesn't take a lot of time!
Cake a La "Snickers"
195 - 120м 10
This cake is my improvisation on the classic recipe :) on the Internet many options for this cake and simply with condensed milk, with a meringue with nuts and without, etc., but I wanted to make a quick cake without problems, something even remotely similar to the real "Snickers". I offer You my version of this cake.
Dessert "El Paquito"
177 - 90м 12
This wonderful dessert from pastry chef Carla Marletti is one of the simple, but to impress family and guests, it is worth to try! In our case, the score for Cinderella is not a reason for such interesting and believe me, delicious dessert? Your efforts will exceed all expectations... begin? I, unlike Carla, offer their vision of this truly Royal dessert!

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