Pasta sugar

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Cake "Rejuvenating Pot"
185 5 - -
Cake made with Lena (Hamster). It was very fun :)
Cake "Sea Dragon"
165 3 - -
Description of biscuits and cream then no, this Tolo variant of decoration
Cake "Family Of Dragons"
114 3 - -
Promised to post step-by-step photos of their cakes. Well strongly step-by-step does not remove (powdered sugar not much the camera moves), that's how it happened. The Foundation they have - sour cream cake recipe from "Cake king"
The prepared cake "Cars"
113 4 120м -
Asked beautifully decorate the finished cake "pigeon milk". Decided to put, suddenly someone come in handy. Additional picture - my "Cake with Cars".

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