Pine cones

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Pine jam
130 - 240м -
Since ancient times, many diseases are treated jam from the young pine cones, and it is very helpful in the treatment of colds, flu, vitamin deficiency, upper respiratory tract. Pine is one of the most popular phytoncide plants. A volatile is formed by the plants biologically active substances that kill or inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, so that the benefit of all. While the jam is very tasty, not always with drugs.
Shish kebab in Armenian on the pine cones
124 - - -
How to cook shish kebab in Armenian and quickly marinate the meat. Secrets of the barbecue variety. Try skewers quick marinating, cooked on the coals, with fragrant smoke from pine cones. Enjoy!
Hot drink "Old New year"
114 - 20м 6
Wonderful Old-new year's drink for kids, and with the addition of a spoon of Riga black balsam - for adults, in a fabulous evening!
Syrup cones
112 - - -
Useful (in the sense of health) the workpiece with a very interesting taste. A simple "axe". The site has a similar recipe, but there are many other layout ingredients and not a lot of other technology. About the medicinal "powers" of the workpiece You can find quite a lot of information on the Internet. It turns out that some kind of syrup, the consistency is closer to "may honey". Well, maybe a little thinner. Colds and all bronchial ailments - a very good thing. If you don't want to swallow all sorts of "Coldrex" - You are here...
Jam made from pine cones
109 - 120м -
Berry jam we all already cooked, some cooked jam and vegetables, it is also not uncommon, and you are treated to a therapeutic, aromatic and unusual jam made from pine cones. Who cares, welcome to the recipe.
Jam made from pine cones
106 - 120м 4
This jam is not only delicious, but also useful.

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