Green onions

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Cabbage rolls "Lazy"
1.6k 5 60м 6
Recipe from Leanna cook Jazzed. Very tasty and quick dinner. My husband stuffed not eating, and these meatballs for a sweet soul ate and praised!
Salad "travushka-muravushka"
1.2k 3.5 10м 1
Spring salad greens for dieters. Suitable as a side dish, a three - dimensional greens perfectly fills the stomach. Yes, in addition some of the ingredients of a salad contribute to fat burning.
Salad "Sunflower"
1.2k 4.5 - -
Salad of cod liver. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Salad with smoked mackerel
1.1k 4.5 30м 6
Simple salad with smoked mackerel and potatoes.
Salad "man's whim"
1.1k 3 - -
Very tasty salad.
Salad "Sombrero"
1k 4.5 - -
To be honest, I make this salad at your own risk... I do not expect that from this combination of ingredients can turn out so yummy. This salad and guests are not ashamed to offer. And so it is prepared quickly and inexpensively.

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