Dried tomatoes

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Chicken with buckwheat "the Dream mistress"
249 - - -
Tender, juicy chicken... With a side dish of crisp, fragrant buckwheat... Delicious! Preparing this meal will take you less than an hour with the minimum your participation. Well, perhaps this dish is not the dream of any housewife?
Bulgur with dried tomatoes and peppers
190 - 30м 4
Another recipe from my school cafeteria in Prague! We have it served as hot dish, but I adapted to take it cold for a snack. Fans of sun-dried tomatoes and Basil just like it :-) Your Katya, 14 years old
Chicken legs "Acute Campari"
171 - 60м 3
New, unconventional look at chicken legs! Aromatic, juicy, savory inside, crispy on the outside! I dare to hope that the recipe author.
Beet soup with horsemeat
168 - 60м 10
The ingredients list is banal to a disgrace... But! Three dominant flavors: beet, soy sauce, and some strong broth of horse meat gave a very interesting result. Warm, rich, spicy and very unique taste.
Bread wheat and oats with dry herbs
145 5 - -
What Easter table without bread? Of course, the bread on our table every day, and holidays, and weekdays. I suggest for diversity to bake wheat-oatmeal bread with the addition of aromatic herbs and dried tomatoes.
Argentine cakes "Empanadas"
139 - - -
Amazing and fun to cook Argentinean empanadas! Juicy beef with spices. raisins and olives, lovely batter and the heat of the fire. These perennials for our Argentine pies. Get everyday boring meals, it is time for the Argentine tango!

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