Vegetable caviar

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Homemade bread "Squash"
193 - 180м 1
I got somehow in the vastness of the Pillsbury bread recipe with squash caviar from the author JeSeKi. Added to itself in bookmarks with the firm decision to somehow try. And yesterday, open the recipe, and it turns out no yogurt, no bread machine I have. But the decision hard! Had to get out, and the result has so surpassed expectations that I decided to share this bread with you.
Meatballs in a sauce of squash caviar
175 - 15м -
Stuffing – just saving when time is of the essence! Roll into meatballs – a matter of minutes! And below meatballs with rice was a little dry, add the sauce – very simple and tasty – squash caviar!
Fungal yeast pancakes
173 - 60м 6
Do you like cakes with pickled mushrooms? I am very. But there is one but I sometimes lazily lazily mess with the test. And then I make these pancakes, quick, tasty and the aroma of the mushroom, just uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
Fritters of squash caviar with onions
160 - - -
Delicious yeast pancakes from the sweet home squash caviar, with the addition of fried onions! Great with sour cream and greens!
Chicken "Dunyasha"
147 - - -
Another one of my favorite recipe cooked in Zepter rules. The chicken turns out very soft, juicy, gravy great color and flavor.
Bread with squash caviar
141 - - -
Original vegetable bread with a slight scent of spices. Suitable for soups, sandwiches and croutons. The bread turns out high, nice brownish color, and which aromatic...

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