Fermented milk drink

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Pancakes and milk biolakt
192 - 30м 4
Biolakt + milk = cheese, whey, pancakes. I'm on a dairy kitchen was to biolakt, which did not really eat children. The taste and texture it resembles yogurt mixed with the acidophilus (or "snow"). I found a great use for him. Just happened out of milk and biolakt: 350 ml of serum, and 180 g of cheese. From the obtained test piece 25 pancakes.
Strawberry soup from the restaurant "cherry mio"
156 - 15м 5
Honestly, this restaurant was! Shared a recipe a friend from LJ: Olya (wowcook). This year has been my first experience of a combination of strawberries in savory dishes, it is very much positive. So I could not pass up! Overall, the soup was okay and the tan I tried for the first time. Refreshing, with light acidity. However, I could not resist and added his salt and black pepper, and sister - sugar. Here such different tastes!
Hash "hangover"
154 - 30м -
Okroshka is a cold dish, especially good acrocheck in the summer, the hot season, and the hangover...
Cucumber cold soup in ayran with crabs
146 - 20м 4
Always wanted to try the cucumber soup, choose among the recipes, not found desired... Imagination suggested solution and I am very happy with the result! Turned out to be rich is a refreshing cold soup with a penny amount of calories! Just a summer tale! Highly recommend to cook it in a hot Sunny day instead of a hash and to entertain friends!
Tovuz Hingoli
125 3 30м 4
A hearty and simple dish
Buckwheat pancakes with orange jelly
122 - 45м 4
The buckwheat but with the citrus?! What is this?! It's delicious! Carnival escort is necessary, and pancakes have eyes do not look. Here and there were found this recipe in magazines. Yes as well!

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