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Japanese salad with salmon skin
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Many people must have tried in Japanese restaurants roll "salmon skin" roll with salmon skin. And the salad tasted? The Japanese are an entirely unique nation - a people who sometimes change our entire view of the world! Their ability to use the fish "and from" I have always been amazed and delighted! Try this salad - it's delicious and enjoyable!
Casserole rice with cod in a slow cooker
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Casserole rice with cod in a slow cooker + bonus "Milk fish soup with "fake." (budget night). Gentle casserole, rice and fish are the perfect couple! Another dish for the entire family for lunch or dinner :-) Cook in a slow cooker quickly, and while it works - it will be time to Tinker with children or to finish the case. Moreover, the proposed version of the budget, prepared from Treskov cod fillet, and waste in General is not all "kamakoti" will turn into fish soup! Budget fish dinner of two dishes. Shall we?!

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