Cabbage leaf

What to cook from Cabbage leaf more

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Dear cooks, I suggest you to make a culinary tour to Portugal! offered for your consideration is popular in Portugal salad that is served with the meat on the grill; I don't know if someone to cook it because they can't find some ingredients, but maybe someone just might be curious about Portuguese cuisine.
Wieners in Russian
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Very tasty and beautiful dish.
Shawarma in Korean
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What do you mean Shawarma in Korean is too much? Take a look at these "masterpieces" as a beet in Korean, for example ;) With such culinary trends Shawarma is just the beginning. But the beginning is correct, original and delicious.
Cabbage roll
143 4 - -
Very tasty!!! For lovers of cabbage :)
Stuffed with chicken and cheese
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I want to share with You an interesting recipe for stuffed cabbage. Tender chicken, melting cheese and rice filling. Help yourself!
Stuffed cabbage with chicken legs
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Another idea from the "vse bude dobre", which I, little upgrade, I present to you. Some new take on traditional cabbage rolls. Can be served as the daily table, and on the holiday.

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