Leaf flower

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I will not tell you what is absinthe, let's just say that I tried to make moonshine and alcohol, and moonshine turned out much better. Absinthe was already drunk, so quickly that managed to capture only one serving.
Dandelion salad
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It turns out that the scattering of yellow dandelions is not only a decoration of spring, but also a very useful ingredient for delicious dishes. I want to share with you the recipe of salad with dandelion leaves.
Kimchi spring
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Here and there were the first vegetables, herbs, and our body will be fresh vitamins, will help him by preparing such a salad appetizer. Don't be afraid to add the young leaves of currant and evening primrose, it's delicious.
Cake "Chocolate"
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Tender... juicy.. chocolate.. coffee.. brandy with whipped cream, chocolate leaves and zawitoski
Fermented Ivan-tea granules
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Fireweed is often called Koporsky tea, after the area of Koporye near Saint Petersburg. In England it is called Fireweed - "weed fires". Scientific name fireweed - Epilobium angustifolium. Its leaves contain various flavonoids, iron, b vitamins, copper, manganese, magnesium. These components improve hematopoietic function, eliminate insomnia and stress! In leaves and flowers Ivan-tea contains substances that promote the natural synthesis of collagen, giving the skin elasticity and firmness! Fermentation endows Ivan-tea tart taste and wonderful aroma! Even one Cup of this tea per day harmonizes and restores power! And I want to share our years of method blanks leaves Ivan-tea!
Vitamin soup "Green"
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Our family loves this vitamin spring soup. Since we live in the village, all of these herbs are growing just at hand. In the city this is probably harder, but there are also cottages! The taste is very similar to the ordinary sorrel soup, and plenty of vitamins.

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