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Maturing salted cucumbers
242 4 - -
Tasty, crunchy and very quickly colada
Pickled cucumbers "Mom"
228 - - -
The recipe for these pickles I got from my mom. I can say that this is the most delicious pickles I've tried. Yes, and the method of cooking the marinade is different from all what I saw. Doing exactly as my mother taught me, and try as accurately as possible to bring this recipe to you. Immediately I apologize for the unnecessary details in the frame, but I not only shut the cucumbers, but at the same time cooking dinner and tried to communicate with the child.
Prababushkin tea
166 3 - -
My great-grandmother was the most kind, caring and simple woman. She lived in Belarus in the small village, this tea is it we do every time we have stayed with her. As she spoke, during her childhood and youth do not have black tea "elephant" (which she cherished as a treasure for our dear guests, is of course the cost of the war, which she survived with such difficulty and fear for their young children), and they brewed this tea. I loved this tea for its aroma, taste and stories about her youth, love and war, of course, she always told me over a Cup of tea...
Infusion of herbs "Alpine"
156 4.5 30м 20
Very pleasant to the taste infusion based on mint and eucalyptus. Essential oils of mint and eucalyptus have antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory effect. Irreplaceable in the prevention and treatment of colds. Warm and reassuring on cold winter days. The idea to prepare this collection brought me the tea products of the company "Lipton".
Cake "Maple leaf"
145 5 180м -
I have to say - I'm not a pastry chef, although very sweet love! And in the contest to participate wanted. But the style of the cake was born long ago, even with the son maple leaves were collected. It remains the case for the embodiment, typically, the imagination is ahead of my skills. Did not know what this idea will end in a win or another fiasco. So do not judge strictly, this is my first (resulting) cake! Heedless of the school year and the upcoming Teacher's Day is dedicated this autumn cake! The contest "School time"
Pickled cucumbers
142 - 40м -
This recipe more than 20 years, so did my grandmother, my mother, and me. I decided to share. Ingredients are designed for 3-liter bottle.

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