Cereal bread

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Pita bread in batter
122 - 10м -
A delicious appetizer in five minutes! Our favorite pita bread in a Golden crispy batter. Fast, beautiful, easy, cheap and tasty.
Vegetable julienne with squid
122 - 25м 3
Julien is usually done with heavy cream, I want to offer you the recipe of lean Julien. This option is not inferior in taste to the original but can be used in the post.
Potato balls with ham and cheese
120 - 30м -
The second year our family on 12 April - a very important holiday (the birthday of our youngest son). So today is my three meals. And the first of them - these amazing potato balls. Very soft inside, with a wonderful flavor and a crispy crust... I usually cook them all the family gatherings. Always in the center of the table! You will not remain indifferent to this nice!
Super crispy onion rings
119 - 20м -
This recipe was my secret! All guests, try these onion rings, be sure to ask for the recipe. But the secret I discovered! So I decided to share. More crisp you certainly not tried! Very crisp and beautiful! The decoration for any party (especially beer!). And the kids crack with pleasure!
Fried roll
115 - 50м 3
I want to share with you the recipe of a delicious hot roll. The filling is cream cheese and salted trout. Roll it turns out very tender, delicious and, most importantly, large. Invite all lovers of rolls!
Baked stuffed pumpkin with pork and potatoes
115 - 90м -
I'm really surprised their guests! And not a single piece left! And fans, and not fans of pumpkin admired this dish! Smell!.. Color!.. Taste!.. In General, without words. I recommend, do not hesitate.

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