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Cottage cheese "Cottage cheese"
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Cottage cheese - this cheese is also known as "cottage cheese", "farm ", it is sold as cottage cheese with cream, and usually it is more expensive than a simple cottage, but it is tastier, I just love it. And now, thanks to Dmitry (NDemon) and Orsik starters I learned how to do it myself.
Yogurty cheese on sourdough with a bonus
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I really wanted to make cheese Crescenza on the advice of Dmitry (NDemon), but this recipe has already appeared because of Hope (Navely), so allowed myself to deviate from the classic recipe and cooking methods of the aforementioned cheese and did not regret it. Received salted cheese has a dense texture on the cut (almost crumbly), a pronounced creamy taste with hints of marinated olives and mild cheese and spicy smell. Due to the dry yeast to get the yogurt from Orsika, which contains thermophilic bacteria and bulgaricus that is similar to the cheese you can get at home. I am particularly pleased that it is possible to control the composition of the product and do not doubt its freshness. And a nice bonus of the side product serum obtained the cheese, was made the most delicate ricotta to the recipe which will share below.

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