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234 - 180м 6
A long time ago in the German villages bread was baked in wood burning ovens, usually once a week. Smell test stood magnificent, and, of course, the kids just couldn't wait, when removed from the oven loaf. Still had to wait when the oven has cooled silent once burned wood. And then mom came up from the remnants of bread dough to bake cakes, thinly stretching the dough, spread sour cream and sprinkle the onions and bacon, or whatever was at hand. At the same time the furnace was cooled to the desired temperature for baking bread. Hence the name of these cakes - the word dünn "thin". In different regions they are called Dennete, Deie, Dinnede, Dinne, Dinnele oder Dinnele. The recipe and description from Lerele with the bread machine.
Bread "rustic"
210 - 30м 15
Soft, fine, fragrant bread with a crispy crust, seeds and nuts. No kneading and hassle. Baked in roaster or ovenproof pot. " Better than from the bakery! " praise him all who tried. With cheese, sausage or just sprinkled with salt butter it's perfect. You will not regret it - at first. But remember: Long-term dependence You provided!
Sponge roll made from spelt flour
183 - 15м 15
Delicious, quick biscuit roll made from spelt flour. Help yourself dear cooks!
Biscuits "Useful propolene"
181 - 40м -
Very tasty and healthy version of oatmeal cookies!
Spelt biscuits
146 - - -
Cookies with a pronounced honey taste, will not leave indifferent lovers of sweets, watching your figure. For the original source, one biscuit contains 35 calories.
French loaf leavened
141 - - -
In anticipation of the upcoming New year I want to share with you the recipe of my last very good bread! If you love French bread. Explosive crispy crust, coarse-pored elastic crumb, and what flavor!!! Adding whole grain spelt flour makes this bread delicious! Just bread is the bomb ;)) PS. If it is not possible to buy spelt (spelt) flour, you can replace it with whole wheat.

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