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Fish Cossack
419 - 60м 4
Cossack cuisine is simple, varied and very tasty. Cossacks lived good, prosperous, and have never been a lack of good fish. Offer the old Cossack recipe white fish. Of course, the best fish for this dish - pike perch. Cossacks often prepared this dish in a pot over an open fire, but at the plate we all will make it. Simple components, which are tasty in and of themselves, are connected in a wonderful and very tasty dish! Delicious in hot or cold.
Macaroni with beef in tomato sauce
323 - - -
I suggest you to try the favorite dish of my daughter. Every time we go to an Italian restaurant, she orders it. A delicious dish of seemingly simple products. Help yourself!
Ear Cossack from Alexander Belkovich
296 - 60м 10
Don't really like river fish, we can say don't like... But after watching the food network " Simply the kitchen " somehow, I immediately wanted to cook this dish. Turned ear nourishing, tasty and filling with a light, unobtrusive scent.
Italian soup with rice and mussels
229 - 40м 4
From the first spoonful fell in love with the soup. Even with those mussels that we sell, but not in Italy. Delicious, and that's it. Bright, flavorful, and a little imagination, and even elegant. Come, let us make soup with mussels and serve it with skewers of mussels.
Pizza pan "4 cheese"
192 - - -
Very good pizza in a pan (we have more than 33 degrees and does not want to turn on the oven) - no yeast, no Mayo, no sour cream and no yogurt - dough is thin, crispy on the edges, but the filling for you, lovers of seresta. Try?
Tomato soup with fish balls
179 - 60м -
Homemade soup with fish balls for lovers of fish dishes. A pearl barley "barley" famous trademark "Mistral" will be the key to taste and good for your health.

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