Sauce Taco

What to cook from Sauce Taco more

Spicy Mexican pizza
292 - - 5
Weekend released time for culinary experiments, especially if the weather does not favor the sun. Pizza Mexican bean layer with cheese and spices – why not?
Appetizer with iwashi and kiwi
78 - - -
Quick to prepare and interesting appetizer with herring iwashi!
Pancakes with iwashi
58 - 60м 4
Russian pancakes with herring iwashi — table decoration.
Vegetable salad "Arundel"
50 - - -
A great fast salad that can be put on any festive table. The layout of the ingredients to give your taste can change it in either direction, adjusting the recipe to suit your needs.
Sandwich with herring and avocado
47 - 12м 4
Quick, easy and modern to prepare snack table with delicious herring iwashi.

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