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Gluten-free. For this recipe you can make and cupcake. Flour from green buckwheat a must! From regular buckwheat flour will not work if you are not afraid of gluten, replace with flour from Emmer wheat.
Gluten-free coconut pancake
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If I 10 years ago said that pancakes can be cooked without flour, no milk, no eggs, I would not have believed! Pancake is an American fluffy pancakes, more like pancakes. Our family is the most favorite Breakfast! To make the Breakfast healthier and healthier, I'm coming up with fancy recipes. For example, gluten-free coconut pancake. My pancakes are made from coconut and rice flour, and the role of eggs in the test performs the guar gum. It's a completely natural product made from Indian acacia pods. By analogy with dietary fiber performs the function of a broom for the digestive tract, helping to remove him from the harmful residues and thus free it from toxins. The pancakes turn out a fragrant, delicate and airy!

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