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Biscuits "a garden, homestay Arnold"
1.5k 3.8 200м 25
Linzer. This cookie is a variant of the famous Austrian cake. It is believed that it appeared in the early 18th century in the Austrian town of Linz. Traditionally, this cake consisted of foundations made of flour, nuts (usually almonds), sugar, egg yolks, spices and lemon zest and the filling (usually black currant) and then topped with a lattice of dough.
Cake "Honey-Prague"
0.8k 4.1 120м 10
Sweet with strawberry jam
Pie "Two love"
0.6k - 60м 5
In Spanish folklore, lemon is a symbol of the bitter, deceived by love. Sweet love the orange symbolizes. But how often do these two love to go with us through life hand in hand. Making knots in our memory. And this cake is sweet, but it tastes bitter lemon. And the knot orange, lemon.
Polish cookies "Colacci"
439 - 30м -
Кolacky (kolace, kolach, or кolache) - a common cookie in some countries of Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland), each country has its own particular recipe. Offer the Polish version of the cookie. Make it for Christmas and not only. Budget recipe, fast, delicious.
Salad "Nirvana"
384 - 40м 4
Recipe from the 90-ies, sorry, I have forgotten. So I decided to cook it and put on your court. All the more reason to have a carnival. Good to be in a Duo with pancakes.
Cake "Malachite"
381 3 - -
Very tasty and easy to prepare cake. And the name was born so: I read my daughter the fairy tale Bazhov "malachite Box". So inspired... :-)

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