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What to cook from Mandarin more

Meringue roulade "Coconut-Mandarin"
0.8k - - -
Offer to cook a tender, sweet and delicious roulade of meringue with coconut. And curd with Mandarin oranges make it juicy and will give a festive mood. A wonderful combination of sweet meringue and luscious cream with tangerine acidity - very tasty! Meringue lovers will appreciate this dessert!
Fish "Cardinal"
0.6k 3 30м 4
Very delicate fish that will appeal to all.
Carp royally
0.6k - - 2
And we got to eat carp, and not just carp, but royally! This is my original recipe, I don't know, maybe there is something similar on the website, but I assure you, this delicious river fish, You haven't eaten yet. To fish as a side dish I did not cook, since it can well eat inside a lot of fish with lots of eggs, which, due to the monkey increases in volume. Caviar turns a Golden color not dry, scented of tangerines. The combination is just amazing, delicious. The river fish are almost all scrawny, but I actually really like it slowly, picking stones to savor the fish. Help yourself!!!
Salad "French dressing"
396 - 15м -
My dear, do not scold me for "bourgeois" habits. The name and the salad is very aristocratic, but the products are quite affordable. This dish can please not only guests, but also yourself, loved ones. I tried it in one place and torturing the waitress questions about the composition of the filling, now often arrange a holiday to your loved ones.
Tangerine powder with vanilla
340 - 5м 4
I like to use tangerine powder with vanillin in the process of preparing dough for baking and desserts. Tangerine powder to flavor and color not inferior to the peel of citrus fruit and additionally it is fragrant vanilla smell that gives cakes and desserts a beautiful Golden hue and an excellent flavor.
Fish-the tangerine or "How then?"
317 4 120м -
Gentle taste and very easy to prepare fish with an unusual tangerine aroma will decorate your table! Thanks to this fish-the tangerine I got married! Want to know how it was? In 1989 (20 years ago) I lived in a hostel. Guy to my girlfriend Marina very quickly (1 day) was taken to the army. In the morning, went to the military enlistment office - and the right agenda. Commissar cunning, the collect appointed for 5 am the next day! Urgently convened the Council. Money we had little, the meat of the question does not even discussed, and then I offered to fry fish... something Else is still there! Only lasted for Pollock. I fried it on the kitchenette, and sitting on the windowsill Antoinette (Tonya) and eating Mandarin. The smell, that's our fish! Well, I begged her skin... seeing (by the table!)ran the whole floor. And wow, suddenly came brother Marina. Such a hot macho, high in-shape, handsome, blond hair and blue eyes. If to say that he liked me, then not say anything. I fell in love immediately!.. And what happened next, will read at the end of the recipe!

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