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What to cook from Rum more

Cake honey-lemon
354 5 - -
Made the cakes for all the known recipe with Tatiana Goode-cook. However, something changed, minor details did not add nuts. What can I say? Cakes surprisingly gentle when baking much came up. I write my recipe, with my changes
Milky-vanilla "jam"
331 - - -
Don't even know if this blank the name "jam", but the other does not occur. The original recipe from Stelios Pallaresa called "the Marmalade and vanilla milk". Very interesting and simple recipe. The jam is flavorful, creamy, caramel. Very tasty in the morning with toast or with pancakes, or as a sponge for greasing loaf. In General applications, you can find a lot of.
Coconut liqueur
327 3 60м 14
Tropical liqueur, the taste of which is coconut. The production of coconut liquor is concentrated mainly in the area of the Islands of the Caribbean. Served with an ice cube.
Cocktail a La "Daiquiri" with melon
303 4 - 2
Very fragrant, sweet alcoholic cocktail with rum.
Cuba Lbre
281 4 2м 4
"Cuba Libre" (Spanish Cuba Libre, "free Cuba") is a cocktail containing rum, Cola and lime, one of the most popular cocktails in the world. The word "libre" in Spanish is read as "pounds" was First prepared in Havana in 1900. American soldiers mixed Cuban rum and coke and I drank a toast to a free Cuba ("Viva Cuba libre" = "long live free Cuba").
Christmas Stollen cottage cheese
280 4 80м 2
Christmas Stollen cottage cheese Quarkstollen.

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