Canned mushrooms

What to cook from Canned mushrooms more

Salad "Queen Margot"
390 - 60м 4
This is the second salad from the cafe "Margo", where he worked as sister-in-law. No cafe, and salads "live" in our family for many years. Hearty, delicious salad that can be prepared in the holidays and weekdays.
Potato zrazy in Kiev
285 - 40м 6
Ideally, these pancakes should cook with mushrooms. And the twist of dill oil making them extremely juicy and tasty. Great version of light summer dinner.
Hodgepodge "Mushroom Paradise"
178 - 60м 5
Mushroom dishes like nothing out during lent. Rich in taste, easy to make and beautiful when applying. And this is important, I'll tell You. In the bag will meet dried mushrooms, frozen and pickled, arch I all this beauty powder from dried porcini mushrooms. Help yourself.
Mushroom Solyanka
169 - 40м 4
Delicious hearty soup. It is interesting in that is prepared with three kinds of mushrooms (dried, salted and fresh). One of our favorite soups, not only during Lent. Its unusual fragrance instantly brings all the family members and be sure to ask for seconds.
Potato nests with mushrooms
165 - 60м 4
Recipe baked potato nests with cheese and pickled chanterelles.
Pancake cake "Stump"
160 - 120м 6
Very easy to prepare.

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