Red currants

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Stroiteley cheesecake with red currants
0.6k - 120м 12
In the middle of the season red currants could not treat you and myself on tasty new pastries! Curd, more like silk cream, crumbly and crispy dough, our beautiful red currants! Help yourself, dear!
Cake with oatmeal and acidophilus
468 - 20м -
Saw this recipe in a TV show. Decided to try to cook, but since the exact proportions did not know, did everything by eye. For Breakfast only, so ate)and a Great hearty and healthy option for Breakfast instead of pechenyuzhek (very satisfying)for both adults and children who cannot stand oatmeal as cereal. There is a minimum of sugar! (so who likes sweeter-add separately)
Cake "Slice of watermelon"
379 4 120м 10
August on the nose - ripe watermelons-beetles :-)
King cake
375 - 60м 20
Wanted to give a simple name - Apple cake with poppy seeds and currants, but then changed his mind, because in this wonderful pie filling not even the point, though, she's adorable. The main role here is played by a delicate, soft dough, just melting in the mouth. Has anyone tried my cupcake "Prague Grosh," he knows what I'm talking about. Great cake, very tasty, with sour red currant, Apple flavor and poppy seeds, just Royal! However, come on in and see for yourself.
Cake "Scarlet"
365 - - -
Love currants? Enjoy the summer with a delicious piece of cake with meringue, curd-raspberry souffle with fresh berries and flavors of summer!
Donuts abrikoska and peaches
349 3 - -
Very delicious sweet donuts stuffed with peaches, abrikoos and Smorodinsky.. with a pleasant acidity from the filling, dusted with powdered sugar for contrast.. and of course some of your favorite spices..

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