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What to cook from Caviar more

Salad "Mimosas for the princesses"
1k 4.5 - -
This salad was born last New year spontaneously. I wanted to name this salad "Royal Mimosa", but my husband said that it is not enough calf...
Salad Royal
1k - 60м 10
A delicious salad, incredibly beautiful on the holiday table. An extraordinary play of tastes: kiwi gives the salad a pleasant acidity, shrimp, caviar, make it exquisite. Guests will be delighted! Bon appetit! A recipe from a magazine "woman."
Salad "royally"
0.8k 3 - -
This salad will decorate any holiday table.
Salad "Chervona Ruta"
0.7k 3 20м 4
Sunday celebrated restaurant its 45th anniversary. There was this salad, do not judge strictly, that I publish this recipe, you're not done. Yes, and do not make the house ever because of the perversity of the ingredients. But maybe someone wants to try, really liked the atmosphere.
Salad "Egg"
0.7k 3 30м -
A simple and tasty recipe for the holiday. Try.
Fish dumpling with caviar sauce
0.7k - 20м 3
Light dietary dish. Can be added to fish soup and can be cooked as a separate dish. If served with a caviar sauce that will add a spice, you get quite a festive option.

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