Corn starch

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Cake "frontline"
3k - - -
Dear friends, I offer you famous in Azerbaijan cake! It's on par with cakes "Baku" and "Absheron" is the hallmark of the city of Baku! Touch to the traditional cuisine of Azerbaijan is preparing this cake! PS-weight of the finished cake 2 kg.
Cakes 'Mandarins' of dough mochi
1.6k - 90м 6
Dear cooks! Offer you for the New year to cook a very special, beautiful and delicious dessert))dough Recipe mochi (or urine)belongs to Japanese cuisine. The top layer is made from a rice flour, and inside you can put any thick filling. I invite you to try my version!
Simple massovoe cake-Popsicle
1.4k - 180м 6
Very delicious recipe, mousse and original presentation)
Banh Bao-cakes in a few
1.2k - - -
Husband likes these wonderful pies with unusual fillings: pork, black tree fungus, rice noodles, half chicken eggs. One such feature - a full Breakfast. I had to dig deep, and that's what happened. Of course, maybe something is wrong, but to me secrets no one wanted to tell, the answer is: "Many want to know," it is understandable, people earn it.
Panna cotta with cherry sauce
1.2k - - -
A perfect dessert for summer days - cool, tender and flavorful. For the recipe thank Tatiana Nazaruk.
1.1k 4 120м 15
Figurines of animals out of marshmallows :)

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