Mustard seeds

What to cook from Mustard seeds more

Roulade of pork belly "Home"
461 - 150м -
Tasty, natural product.
350 - 35м 4
Vegetable stew of potatoes and green beans with paneer cheese. Delicious!
California relish
273 - - -
Relish is a sauce made from pickled or chopped vegetable or fruit. Originated in India and has since become popular worldwide. Today, I want to buy you relicom California. You can prepare for the winter, and can be enjoyed immediately after cooling. Come, treat!
Soup "Cleopatra"
250 3.5 40м 12
I love mushrooms and cream, and especially their combination together!
Bavarian roast marinated meat
213 - - -
German cuisine is famous for its spectacular meat dishes. I especially loved their various "braten", that is hot. Sauerbraten (Sauerbraten) - sour roast, Norbraten (Schmorbraten) - braised roast, Swinerton (Schweinebraten) - roast pork... they are All delicious in their own way. My recipe for the composition of the marinade is closest to Sauerbraten. Classic Sauerbraten in 99% of cases is made from beef. I have a pork roast, so it is rather "Sauerwiesen"
Sauerkraut "Crunch-al"
204 - 5760м -
Transparent and crunchy, hence the name "CRUNCH-AL". That is the exact proportions to give such a delicious result.

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