What to cook from Champagne more

Portuguese Christmas cake "Royal"
0.6k 4 120м 10
Traditional Portuguese Christmas cake. Are the pies in form and decoration resemble the headdresses of the Eastern kings, richly decorated with precious stones, or Christmas wreaths that adorn the doors of houses at Christmas time. Begin to bake and sell the pies since the beginning of December to the "Day of the Kings", 6 January. Recently, the pastry was invented another option: "Tsaritsyn pie", where replaced with all sorts of candied nuts.
Crab stuffed
350 5 30м 4
Kind of an Ordinary crab, a big crab, or Cancer pagurus or Portuguese, Saputara (Sapateira). If any of you happen to see such a shop crab and don't know what I can do with it and how best to choose and eat. Signature recipe for my husband in his own performance. :) Just add - outrageously Delicious!
Shrimp with rice in Portuguese
339 4 30м 2
Another way of cooking shrimp for seafood lovers. Fragrant rice. Very well suited for any holiday table or just for everyday dinner.
303 4.5 20м 2
Dessert cocktail.
Champagne cocktail "Strawberry dawn"
269 - - 2
The recipe is so simple that it's embarrassing to lay. Easy cocktail for the holiday get-togethers with a girlfriend. Or not festive, but definitely nice;)
Rice-berry gratin with Sabayon of champagne
268 - 15м 1
This dish can be elegant and festive Breakfast, and a sophisticated dessert. Has a delicate flavour and looks good on the table. Was prepared according to the recipe of Laura Calder.

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