Dry red wine

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Tournedos a La Parmentier pork
488 5 40м 4
This recipe I found in a cooking magazine "Sale e pepe" and decided to try it. Simple to prepare, very tender and tasty.
Beef rolls in Czech
479 4 120м 4
The dish is quite popular in the Czech Republic. Here it is called "spanelske, tacky"
The ribs in the glaze
381 4.3 45м 14
Long marinated, but tasty...
Kuchmachi-beef giblets from
379 - 60м 5
The first dish I tried several years ago in St. Petersburg, in a small Georgian restaurant. I was shocked that lungs eat, and looks like a scar - no. And recently, the store saw sales and beef lungs, kidneys, and tripe, and heart. Buds however I did not dare to take, and in the recipe Kuchmachi not found. To reach them as something separate.
Meat rolls in the East
362 4 120м 4
For a special family dinner, it was excellent. Soft meat and spicy potatoes.
Meatballs with rice in sweet and sour sauce
361 - 60м -
This is a simple dish wand wand for me, working women, and for my family that loves to eat! Preparing quick, tasty, readily available from the usual ingredients, and looks delicious! We love you!

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