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What to cook from Thyme more

391 - - -
I will not tell you what is absinthe, let's just say that I tried to make moonshine and alcohol, and moonshine turned out much better. Absinthe was already drunk, so quickly that managed to capture only one serving.
282 5 40м 8
The dish is cooked for a long time. Decided to share with you.
Sauce with minced meat
255 4 40м 4
Sauce familiar to us products (without adding exotics)
Vegetable soup with lentils "Soup Lesta"
204 - 50м 4
Very soulful Bulgarian vegetable soup with lentils. Prepares multivarka Vitek VT-4215 BW.
Cookie "Sukhofrukty"
167 3 - -
Delicious crumbly cookies with dried apricots, prunes, dried cherries.. and some more spices and half a Cup of beer...
162 4.5 - 6
Through all the pizza recipes on the website. Such a test, as I have, I have not found.

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