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Cake "Slav"
0.5k - - -
Not long ago I posted a report which was the cake "Prague"... And in the comments I wrote thanks for the recollections of the Soviet time, where they came up with many recipes of delicious cakes!! Specifically talking about the cake "Slav". A nostalgic note in the comments pushed me to that, to find this cake and cook it! As they say give a moment of happiness, a wonderful, kind and sincere person - Helen (Cat aid). Since at home we have this cake is not ready, the recipe had to look! Reviewing a bunch of videos in the Internet, I read a million reviews and comments, leafed through all the cookbooks in the house... I have come to a common denominator! And also have a reason to bake it right away (a neighbor ordered a cake for sister's Birthday)! Cake "Slav" or, according to some people, the cake "Slavic" is in Your court! P. S. Helen, the cake is for you!
Salad "Shine, Tashkent"
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Why this name? Because once the ensemble "Yalla" was a popular song, where were these lines: "Shine, Tashkent, the star of the East, capital of friendship and warmth!" That was my shining flavors of the salad! And let this version based on the legendary salad "Tashkent", but the version completely independent and very tasty. Try to feel the difference!
Air brittle
356 4 - -
One of the varieties of Oriental sweets. Such strange words, and so dizzy... It's a sweet light cookies don't need baking, mix the flour with different additives, and then to think, and what we get? But what can happen if we try to connect these components, you want to know?
Cocktail "Turquoise"
300 - - -
Delicate, delicious and beautiful cocktail! For a bar "Virtual drink"
The flowers of pineapple
300 - - -
Flowers of the pineapple is a beautiful and delicious decoration for cake, cupcake, cupcakes.
Mammy and Siwa
295 4.3 - -
These sweets are most often made only on holidays. Mammy is a carrot stuffed with walnuts, and Siwa (siwa) - stuffed with dates, and the dough is very delicate and crumbly.

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