Pickled cucumber

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Sausage without skin "For 150 rubles"
1k 5 - -
All people are divided into those who like sausage and those who it hides, but still loves. I belong to the first. Love the sausage. Different, tasty and real meat. That is why I started to cook it myself. The difficulty in the preparation of homemade sausages in the sausage casing and the device in order for it to fill. It all is expensive and tricky. But there is a way! All the same sausage can be cooked without the shell in the form of meat loaf. The taste is not reflected, but greatly saves time and budget! But that's not all. The beauty of homemade sausage that its output in relation to raw meat is 100%. That is how it was raw meat so much sausage at the exit and turns. And finally a plus in favor of homemade sausage is that you can cook it from a very cheap meat, like pork knuckle. We have pork knuckle without bone sold at a cost of 150 rubles per kilogram, in my opinion it is more than the budget for such Goodies!
Salad with corn and mushrooms "Orpheus"
0.7k - - -
Interesting salad with canned corn and mushrooms. Juicy, hearty, delicious. And cooked very quickly. Can completely replace a full dinner and holiday table will look very decent. Help yourself.
Vegetable plate, baked under the grill
0.6k - - -
I love roasted vegetables, they can overeat all day without worrying about the figure, so I again they come! Great as a side dish, while fasting or on a diet, to vegetarian and healthy food! The dish is quick-cooking vegetables you can experiment endlessly, depending on the availability of them in the fridge! Very tasty, healthy, flavorful! The piquancy gives the dish a tomato-soy sauce, pickled cucumber and rosemary!
Salad "No worse than Olivier"
0.6k - - -
Why this name? Explain. So twenty years ago, when on any holiday table just had to stand in a basin of Olivier, I sent my wife to the store with a long list of all "necessary". All bought, well done! But about the potatoes forgotten. But acquired, it is not clear why, big, juicy, bright bell peppers. Beautiful, said attracted attention. What can you do... instead of potatoes and went for a salad pepper. Great salad turned out! Husband ate it and praised, saying: "And no worse than Olivier!". A recipe and stuck under the same name. Try it!
Salad "compound"
0.6k - 20м 6
My signature salad is a favorite in my family. Once I made it to the jubilee of the Pope. Guests liked it very much, and someone asked: "what is this salad? So delicious!" Well, I can't leave the dish without a name, took and blurted out: "Mimino". And stuck it a wonderful name to my author's dish! By the way, even men-picky, it hit the spot! And most importantly - this salad I never put in the fridge for impregnation, and serve immediately. And so it turns out juicy, crispy, fresh!
Salad "October"
0.5k - 30м 4
Hearty autumn salad with grilled chicken, mushrooms and pickled cucumbers. October 4 is the birthday of my dad. This year he will be 65! Exactly 4 October we traditionally begin to open jars with blanks.

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