Krill meat

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Salad with avocado and meat of krill
3.4k 4.5 15м 1
Under the influence of Olga Pachita I finally bought krill meat. I really enjoyed it and I decided to make a favorite salad with avocado, which goes well with seafood. Highly recommend; )
Salad with krill meat
1.7k 4 25м 6
Easy to prepare and nice taste...
Salad "Spring Creel-cocktail"
1.2k 4.5 30м 2
Layered salad with krill meat, spring-fresh and delicate, well, very tasty! May it be a guest at Your holiday table, and a bidder Scarlett March 8.
Eggs stuffed with "Cannon"
0.9k 5 - -
Karambol - this is a challenging game of Billiards, where the ball before the hit in the pocket should not only hit the Board table, but to make the maximum number of intersections. So the filling for these eggs, since one ingredient in the time did a lot of intersections and celebrate, and not very and finally reached the pockets in our family in this form. Here is such a "Cannon".
Salad with krill meat "Dreams of the fisherman"
0.8k 5 20м -
Salads like a lot... Every woman makes on your taste .. ))I want to show your... and zaoodno version of the design.. Fast and nice)))"Scarlett March 8"
Salad "Viva"
0.8k 3 30м 6
The Mediterranean coast. Evening. The light breeze. In the foam of the waves reflect the stars, the lights of coastal restaurants and all this... just for You. This salad will give You the best of everything that can give a woman the nature of the Mediterranean. The contest "Scarlett March 8"

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