Chicken wings

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Couscous with vegetables and chicken wings
428 - 30м 4
This recipe of couscous I discovered in my student years. Very simply, quickly and with minimal cost, and most importantly delicious!
Crispy chicken wings
408 5 - -
This appetizer is more difficult and costly in terms of time, but it's worth it. Especially suitable for those who loves nature and to cook using the convection oven.
352 - 50м 10
Delicious baked chicken thighs and wings.
Royal wings
343 5 60м 4
Dedicated I deeply respected, hard-working Chinese people! Unusual option of cooking chicken wings.
Wings spicy
320 3 - -
Spicy glazed wings.
Fricassee of chicken with millet
280 - 30м 2
Delicious tender chicken meat fast. I looked in the transmission of Yulia Vysotskaya

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