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What to cook from Vodka more

Roast the liver and heart with vodka
1.1k - - -
A great dish for dinner, flavorful and tender.
0.6k 4.5 - 1
Great drink, easy to prepare, and tastes much better than the original(personally checked). Very easy to drink, and most importantly in the morning is not a headache.
Pasties with cheese and spinach
0.6k - 60м 10
Very tasty and juicy chebureks of choux pastry with cream cheese and baby spinach. The perfect dough recipe and delicious bubbles on the pasties you will find in this recipe!
0.5k 5 - 6
Delicious crispy-crumbly Chuck-Chuck. To me this recipe was brought from Tashkent, lived there for a long time-served and have learned to do is Chuck-Chuck. On the website there are recipes, but... I would recommend this!
Pilaf "Ararat"
436 5 - -
Pilaf "Ararat".
Cookies deep-fried "Mushroom scattering"
425 - - -
Recently went through my kitchen utensils and found a long forgotten cookie cutters in the oven! So decided to share with You! If someone has these molds are and are idle, remember about them! Because cookies are beautiful and delicious! You can just tea to cook, and can be as decoration for cake or cupcakes! And if You have no such forms, then I recommend to buy! Cook! Raduyte yourself and loved ones!

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