Mashed potatoes

What to cook from Mashed potatoes more

Pomeranian Rybnik and the gate of the rye dough
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Baking this on the fan, someone like, someone not. Personally, I pure rye dough is not very much, prefer to mix rye flour with wheat 50: 50, but my husband just loves these pies. Baked for him.
Potato casserole
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Delicious potato zapekanka, especially helps when there are mashed potatoes
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Many divorced variants on this recipe. My version.
Zapekanka "On the island of Buyan"
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In the sea the island was cool, Not RUB, not residential; It lay empty plain; It grew on oak unified... ...through the lapping waves ... and the surf... through the rustle of leaves and the howling of the wind...we're getting to a good shelter.. where fear no storm...where on the carpet near the fireplace in moricet cat.. gentle fire warms our body, our soul will warm up here's a juicy zapekanok delicate puree with marcovicci and dill.. filled with bright vegetables and tender mushrooms.. all this combined with bright spices and condiments.. very juicy.. tasty.. but at the same time totally lean.. so "Fast from Moulinex". with pleasure.
Chocolate-potato animals
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Is it possible from the potatoes to cook dessert? It turns out that you can! Myself until yesterday did not believe! I love fancy recipes, I decided to experiment. Turned out the most delicious gingerbread! The contest "animal world".
Fantasy on the theme " Delicious rainbow"
231 5 - 1
The theme of the competition was invented by the editorial team eve. RP, in which I participated. Decided to just show you my fantasies. Sometimes it's amusing. Especially when with a great interest eaten by my kids.

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