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Pizza "Mafia"
0.6k 4 20м 4
This recipe is completely mine. Except that the dough is well-known. Regular, yogurt. But the idea suggested to me a long time ago some show about Sicily. There pizza is not just sprinkled with cheese, as it is everywhere, and doing special fill...
Festive salad "Bees"
463 5 25м 4
This salad will decorate the holiday table for adults and children.
Snack cake "Napoleon"
421 5 - -
Edible and very good! Salty cake.
Salad "Khazars"
389 - - -
Why is the name of this salad, I never found myself a salad from the book "Gourmet salads" easy to prepare and very tasty.
Salad "Lazy"
378 5 15м -
Salad "Five minutes". For many years this salad in obligatory order takes its place on our holiday table. On his prescription I told my friend where she got it...??? In any event, the author a huge thank you!!! The salad is just a lifesaver! Ingredients low, preparing no more than 15 minutes, and the taste... It eats EVERYTHING! And most of all those who are not honors the fish in salads!))) It's too delicious!!
Salad "Mimosa"
345 3.5 50м -
Layered salad with canned fish. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.

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