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0.5k - - -
Kazandibi milk dessert. Very popular in Turkey. Kazandibi can be bought in any café, in any store, but can be done at home. In view of kazandibi unsightly, and even with the burnt crust. But in this burnt crust and ugliness hides one of delicious dairy desserts.
Spicy rice cake "Sunny meadow"
274 - 40м 6
Bright Sunny pellets interspersed with greenery can be a wonderful alternative to the usual bread for a variety of your daily menu. On the festive table they will cause a pleasant surprise guests. Perfect for parties, when there is no time to prepare complex dishes. Can be prepared in advance of tortillas and various dips (sauces) to them. We love to eat them with pickled vegetables mixed with fresh herbs and homemade yogurt.
Rice-linseed bread
250 - - -
I suggest You to bake bread out of rice and flax flour. Such cakes will be the most useful, low-calorie and gluten-free. The taste and aroma of unusual, original, pronounced, unusual and specific. Dense, a bit structure with a nice brownish tint. Help yourself to good health!
Cottage cheese pancakes with banana
244 - 30м 3
Delicious cottage cheese pancakes with banana and rice flour. These are very good pancakes for Breakfast! PP recipe. Gluten-free.
Gluten-free mint cake
240 - - -
The recipe was born spontaneously. Imagine: December 31, 5 p.m., and the husband asks for something sweet tea for new year's table. I have it on a gluten-free diet, I had to quickly rectify the situation to please.
Rice chiffon cake without gluten
238 - 45м -
Recipe found on the Internet. Corrected. Observed and made conclusions. Very important: protein fluff is correct; the yolk should increase in volume by 2.5-3 times; - cakes bake not thick, it is better to bake two; centre slightly to release from the dough, more dough to move to the edges. The middle is baked longer and does not have time to rise, though baked through. I got a very lush, vkusnyuschy cake. Tenderness is incredible. Loose. Height 5 cm. I think that even healthy people gluten, like very much. And for people not carrying it-a godsend. Recommend!

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