Peanut oil

What to cook from Peanut oil more

272 5 15м 1
sometimes under cover of night attacks defiant mood to eat something sort of..
Cookies are pumpkin and Apple, "baby house"
218 - 40м 8
Very tasty and healthy for kids! The cookies got its name when I visited my friend with his grandson, Anton, the boy has a very poor appetite, as is often, unfortunately, happens in children. Had "tricky" to feed him and the pumpkin and cottage cheese! It's probably a lot of moms-grandmothers, you know! Try to buy these cookies your kids, we did it!
Matzah in chocolate
184 - 20м 6
To cook very easily, so assistants can connect children. Tasty treat!!
Useful nut-banana cake
151 - 60м 10
I would never have believed that the cake may be useful. No extra calories, lots of protein, healthy fats and slow carbs. Prepared for home, so the shape is small and not really decorated cake. Come, see!
Chocolate-caramel cake with nougat and nuts
150 - - -
Again I hasten to congratulate you "Cook" and all his friends! I want to treat all who came to the festival, this wonderful cake. Four layers: a crunchy base with peanut butter, soft nougat with salted peanuts, chocolate Bavarian cream and vozdushnyy caramel cream - heavenly pleasure!..
Smoothies with peanut butter
147 4 5м 1
What is a smoothie? This word was borrowed from American English, where is called the homogeneous thick smoothie beverage made from fruit puree mixed with milk, yogurt or ice cream, the word smooth — "smooth, smooth; pleasant; soft". I suggest to try a simple version of a smoothie.

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