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Cake "Matryoshka"
1.4k 3 - -
A friend asked for my daughter's birthday cake, and even charm, that's what happened.
Cake "Hedgehog"
1.3k 3 120м 12
The cake was made for my daughter's birthday; the idea is taken from the forum "home cooking".
Flowers leaves out of marshmallow
0.9k - - -
My version of cooking, flowers, leaves, spirals out of marshmallows to decorate the cakes.. very quickly done and looks cute on the cakes
Cake "Rejuvenating Pot"
0.8k 5 - -
Cake made with Lena (Hamster). It was very fun :)
Cake "Barash"
0.8k 3.5 - -
Now, many kids love to watch Smeshariki, and my son is no exception, so he was very happy after seeing this cake on your birthday!!!
Blue cupcake
0.7k 4 60м 16
Interesting and delicious! Super cupcake!!!

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