Beef tongue

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Salad "Moo-Moo"
1k 5 60м 6
Dear Cooks, do not accuse me of plagiarism, this design is on the site, but of other products. And This design I found on another site and a recipe I made up to match the content and approached the New year of the Bull.
Salad "the Prague-2"
1k - 140м 4
Exquisite, unique taste of the language, the lack of mayonnaise, fresh vegetables - the success of this salad provided! With a holiday!!!
Salad "Bachelor Party"
0.6k 3 - -
Salad "stole" from a restaurant, I don't know, I guess whether the ingredients, but very good. He firmly "settled" on the holiday table of our family. It is adored by men, as it cold with mustard!!!
Salad with tongue and shiitake
392 - 50м 2
Offer to cook a very delicious salad. The structure includes a tongue, oyster mushrooms and pickled cucumber, and dressing moderately spicy, savory, so to speak. Try it, you will not be disappointed!
Salad "Tuscany"
388 5 30м 4
Salad with a slightly salty taste, perfect for dishes of potatoes.
Salad-cocktail with tongue
359 5 30м 5
Very tasty and hearty salad

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