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What to cook from Veal more

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Saj is a delicious dish of Azerbaijani cuisine, the main features of which are the use of soft and tender meat and an abundance of vegetables, which is cooked on the same pan, which is a slightly concave circle of iron installed underneath a mini-brazier. Pan-saj is used in Azerbaijan on both sides. On the convex side of lavash is baked and - fried meat, fish and vegetables. In the process of cooking all the vegetables shake tastes through butter. Saj is always prepared for a big company! Gather all the friends at the round table, will try Saj!
Salad "man's whim"
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Very tasty salad.
Veal chorba
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Veal soup is the national dish of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, if you're ever in the Balkans, certainly try it! In the meantime, we can prepare Corbu themselves, the case for one - buy "right" veal. I was finally able to buy the tender meat and I want to share a recipe of delicious Carby.
Tender veal salad with red PEC
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Very tasty salad.
465 4.5 20м 3
Meat with vegetables and sauce, wrapped in pita bread. Hearty and delicious.
Soup "Mastava"
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Of course, in Uzbekistan this rice meat soup is made from lamb and sheep fat. I prepare it a little differently and do it well. Try to cook in my recipe.

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