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Salad "perfection - 2 "
1.4k 3 20м 4
As a right beautiful woman, began worsening male "cervical svijeta"! Yes, and it would be necessary to podrujit after the holidays, and in fact, indulged myself! And this is the pampering side out, the skirt was something rather compact to sit, fastened only on the breath! And I made great additions (just a little) in the "light as a feather, fresh as a may breeze, juicy, like a Paradise Apple, bright as a flash of light salad "perfection"!
Salad "Orion"
1.4k - 10м 2
Don't know about you, but I sometimes buy salads in cooking. So this salad I bought last week, very much for his not quite normal taste range. Looks very bright, for spring. In addition, very useful.
Salad "La Boheme"
1k - 20м 2
The salad is simple, but it combines two most important qualities: first, hearty and healthy, and secondly, low in calories! Simple ingredients, which are saturated enough, but to get better will not, and unusual taste due to the filling and fragrant herbs-tarragon. Begin to prepare for the summer, girls!
Cream soup with broccoli and Apple
0.9k - - -
Get ready for summer! Offer to cook a very easy and delicious soup-puree of broccoli and Apple. Diet can be delicious!
Salad "Versailles"
0.8k 3 - -
The salad is very tasty, very simple and quickly prepared. Eaten - much faster!!! One of my specialty salads. Recommend!!!
Salad "Suzy"
0.8k - 30м -
The salad my girlfriend, a descendant of the pirates of Borneo where she was born and raised!

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