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What to cook from Cranberries more

"Paradise apples"
2.1k - 60м 5
The usual combination of unusual form! A full hot meal with chicken, which does not require any garnishing or sauces, but at the same time no less tasty and cold! Diet as it does not require frying and contains almost no fat, but at the same time, fragrant, juicy, with rich flavor!
Salad "Ryabinovie busy"
1.1k 3 - -
I have kept the recipe of salad"towering mountain ash beads", where one component is a pickled Rowan. Somehow I can't imagine the taste of pickled ash, especially in this salad. So I decided to replace it with another berry. Come and see... )))
Salad "Empire"
0.8k - 60м 8
The idea of cooking lettuce is easy, as usual - layers. Salad filled with a variety of flavors, each of which complements the salad composition. Piquancy to the salad give a puff of chopped walnuts and prunes. Salad will decorate any festive meal, complement a home-cooked lunch or dinner, because it is insanely delicious, exquisite and very filling.
Calamari salad
0.7k 5 30м 4
Salad perfect for unexpected guests, quick to prepare. Very tasty, loved my husband.
Kyufta in Tabriz
0.7k - 180м 10
I again cooked the books of the Elder hankishieva. Here is an interesting set of products, because not always we are preparing the meatballs with raisins or marshmallows... And of course spices and condiments... Yes, even a small help Tabriz is an Iranian city, a neighbor of Azerbaijan.
Quiche stuffed with sweet potato
0.7k - - -
Tortured her husband sweet desserts and pastries. Asks simple boiled potatoes! Poor man! I play in a contest of desserts! What to do? It happened this tart... stuffed with sweet potato (sweet potato). And wishes made for a contest recipe! Come on, have a treat! Thank you for the recipe of our Mashen'ka (Mary Stone)

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