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What to cook from Rutabaga more

Salad with chicken and turnips
292 - 15м 6
Rutabaga blends perfectly with any meat. Turnips can easily be replaced with turnips, daikon, radish or radish (they are all relatives of the cabbage family), but the rutabaga, in vain the forgotten vegetable, more tender and juicy. The unusual combination of ingredients results in a wonderful juicy and crunchy salad with spicy-sweet taste.
215 - 40м 10
Sopa Juliana. Variants of this soup in different European countries there are many, vegetable and chicken/meat broth. The soup is delicious, flavorful and simple to prepare, does not require any sophisticated products. The ingredients varies, depending on Your desire and possibilities. What makes this soup so special is the kind of cutting vegetables. Julien (FR. Julienne) is a special method of cutting vegetables thin strips, gives the dish a more delicate texture. For the first time this method of cutting was described in the book "Le cuisinier impеrial", published in France in 1806, Not quite confirmed, but some sources refer to the famous chef Jean Julien (Jean Julien), the first author began to publish manuals on the technique of slicing vegetables. We all know our favorite mushroom Julien, today I propose a recipe for soup-Julien. In this version I first tried it and now I cook at home. Join us!
Soup of turnip
213 - 30м 2
Delicious and healthy turnip soup turns out very tender consistency. Adding unusual spices to give the dish a spicy flavor and mild pungency. Rutabagas can replace turnips.
Vegetable stew
188 3 - -
Delicious steamed vegetables, the dish is prepared easily and simply
Soup with pumpkin, mushrooms and barley
188 - - -
Homemade, hearty dish perfect for cold seasons. An interesting blend of aromatic forest mushrooms, pearl barley pearls and sweet vegetables: rutabagas, pumpkins and carrots.
Turnip soup
180 - 80м 4
The turnip contains vitamin C, calcium, vitamins B1, B2, carotene, provitamin a, mineral substances, it has low calorie content. Offer the recipe for turnip soup.

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