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What to cook from Fish more

Fried Moray eel in the Azores
2.7k 4 30м -
Moreia frita. The Azores Portuguese archipelago is located almost in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, between Europe and North America. Its 9 major Islands of volcanic origin - inhabited. The largest of them is the island of Sao Miguel (Sao Miguel). About the discovery of these Islands there are many versions, one contradictory to the other. We know exactly what the population began to appear on the Islands to 1432. One of the best places in the world for diving the Azores in 1995 received the award of the EU for the preservation of pristine nature and ecotourism. One of the local delicacies is considered to be the meat of eels, the recipe of which is published today. Not all countries have adopted the norm to use it in food. It depends I guess mostly on cultural traditions. In Portugal, eels are classified as game fish.
Czech Christmas fish soup
1.9k - 30м 6
On the nose Christmas, and it is time for traditional recipes. In the Czech Republic is one of those recipes is fish soup. I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of preparation and interesting taste. I used Carp, because in the Czech Republic is the traditional Christmas fish.
Atka mackerel with rice on the menu
1.9k - - -
Great dinner in the Indian style! Spicy, aromatic, delicious and beautiful.
Cipura baked in the oven
1.7k - 45м 2
Cipura (gilthead, sea bream) is one of the popular fish in Turkey. Tastier it is when it is baked whole. The meat is amazingly tender and juicy and moreover it has few bones. Eat this fish, with different salads, salads-Mesa. And drink Raki.
Fish parrot-bokeljski
1.6k - 60м 6
Parrot fish, for me the most beautiful fish of Asian countries! It is of various shades, it can be cooked in a variety of ways, with pickles grilled in a salt crust! Fish fillet is very tender and quite juicy! This is a very old traditional dish of the fishermen of the coast. In Montenegro, you can offer a dish called "home" For the recipe a huge thank you to Serge Markovic!
1.6k 5 - -
Catovic - Pskov pie snetkami (the dictionary Dahl). I recently live in Pskov, Pskov local lake is fishing production fish-little - smelt. Smelt caught only in the spring (somewhere in the middle of may) and just a few weeks. I tried this fish for the first time last year. It is sold dried year-round (very tasty for beer), but fresh only in the spring. But I stocked up. And now I want to share a delicious cake with this wonderful fish. Find a recipe was not easy, in General, as such, the recipe I found, only a description of what was included in the recipe. Prepare satovic with dried and fresh smelt and use different variations of toppings. That's what happened to me.

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