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Cottage cheese-yogurt cake "Little Prince"
0.6k 3 - -
This cake I made for the birthday of his beloved little son, three years old. The cake turned out great. Very easy and gentle. The idea of this cake I took one culinary website. Here, however, I can't remember what since it was long ago...
Cake "Fantasy"
281 - 90м 12
This recipe is in my book from the Soviet era. My grandmother often used to bake such a cake to the tea party, because the products that we need - well, it is quite simple! The dough contains no butter, no eggs, so cakes can be baked in advance and at the point You want to make the cream and sandwiching them. I usually do it in the evening and night cake is in the refrigerator.
Flan "parade Shoes"
238 - - -
Dare to offer to Great holiday here such a "parade Shoes". Will have to try, but surprise guests always want. And such form the filing of an open braided pie flavoured cottage cheese-Apple filling will obviously make an impression! Rather, help yourself from the heart!!!
Cake "Ball"
214 3 240м 16
Cake suitable for boy's birthday, I baked for my girls.
Mousse of mackerel hot smoked
194 5 15м -
This appetizer is quick to prepare, airy, with a light citric acidity and will delight fish lovers. Instead of mackerel you can also use any other smoked fish. Delicious with toast, cornichons, lemon.
Cake "Tenderness"
192 3 - -
Cake with Mandarin oranges and jelly.

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