Wafer rolls

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Dessert Romance
176 4 - -
For a loved one.
Fish tails
171 - 20м -
Unusual dish-stuffed waffle cone
Gingerbread carousel
158 - - -
Carousel, carousel begins the story. This tales, songs and fun! Carousel, carousel — this joy for us, ride on our carousel! (Remember the nursery rhyme?) I invite everyone to take a ride on the gingerbread carousel. Smiles and good mood is guaranteed!
Sauce "Dip dessert"
158 - 10м -
This deep level of magic wand, because it is so quick and simple to prepare, besides incredibly delicious! With it you can make a delicious Express dessert in the blink of an eye, placing around a delicious jar of sliced fruit, cookies and waffles... pleasure to welcome you to the food, Cooks!
Chocolate cake with cheese souffle
144 3 - -
I decided on birthday happy sweet to deliver... Long riffled the pages of the site, then their notebooks, I Decided not to change its chocolate recipe (always turns out excellent, if cocoa to spare), but introduced new - decided to combine a rich chocolate cake with a delicate cheese souffle (I did the first time)! And do not regret the taste was awesome!!!
Double layered cream smoothie with cereal
142 - 5м 3
Double-layered smoothies based on bananas and milk by adding oat bran cereal. Dark layer with cocoa, light with dried apricots

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