What to cook from Marshmallows more

Cake "Head cheese"
347 5 - -
Delicious and beautiful!:)
"Mermaid on the rock" - part 2
311 3 180м -
Description of recipe and decorating mermaids, rocks..
Cake "Rod" for your favorite athlete
279 - - -
) ooh, it's my time to mess with the mastic. This is my third cake with fondant from marshmallows. After all, it's not easy)
Flowers leaves out of marshmallow
272 - - -
My version of cooking, flowers, leaves, spirals out of marshmallows to decorate the cakes.. very quickly done and looks cute on the cakes
Cake "Barash"
245 3.5 - -
Now, many kids love to watch Smeshariki, and my son is no exception, so he was very happy after seeing this cake on your birthday!!!
Cake "Coffee marocchino"
235 - - -
Spending time in a cafe, our youngest son likes to order different layered and mnogovekovoe coffee. Just a cappuccino or latte it is already uninteresting. Certainly so with syrup, or marshmallows, or even in mixture with chocolate. Well – young – take that. Sweet tooth and the gourmet! For him and baked this cake, to a simple home coffee was delicious!

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