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What to cook from Pasta more

Pasta "al-La Contadina"
0.6k - 50м 2
Do you love pasta as much as in Italy? Of course, tell you, and be absolutely right! Pasta is delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare dish and observing all the rules, it goes into the category of diet.. There are, however, in the cooking of pasta of your secrets in a million, but they are with us Nino sure today will tell. For Italians, pasta is Italian is all theirs. No meal, no celebration in Italy is complete without pasta. Italian dinner, like ours, consists of three courses - first, second, third and compote. So for Italians, pasta is the first dish like soup or borsch. And if you, being in Italy, in a restaurant or cafe, order a pasta, the waiter will certainly ask, and that Signor or Signora wishes to second? Well, until our dough for biscotti is resting in the fridge, we have an hour, Nino decided to spoil us another simple, delicious and life's recipe paste "Alla Contadina", which translates on the peasant pasta, or pasta in a simple way. So prepared paste not only his family, but many families of Italy. Again, a dish from the series and in the feast and in the world. This paste blends harmoniously and acidity, and sweet notes, and zest. Dish, on the one hand, very light, and the other saturates for a long time. Yet we continue the season of ground tomatoes, let's prepare, the sauce is excellent!
Pasta (TORTIGLIONI) with courgette and lemon-balm
495 - 15м 2
Pasta (TORTIGLIONI) in a creamy sauce with young zucchini, Parmesan and fresh Melissa. Pasta can take any. Zucchini can be substituted for the zucchini. Melissa-mint. Lovely dinner. Easy, healthy and delicious!
404 4 5м -
Again, everything about it-the SHRIMP . Very few people who don't like food from these crustaceans. What is she so fascinated us, taste, ease, simplicity in cooking or is it just a fad.
Roast pork alentejana
374 5 60м 4
Carne de spanking and Alentejana (Carne de porco a Alentejana). One of the most famous dishes of the province of Alentejo, Portugal. Very interesting combination of pork, clams and pasta from sweet peppers (paprika). Pasta pepper here is sold in all stores, it in Portugalii used for many dishes, but, thanks to the scullion from our site Nadia, I made it myself. Only replacing bitter pepper red sweet Bulgarian. Nadia, thank you so much!
368 4 - -
Hearty dish with pita, pasta and peas homos. Perfectly for Breakfast , as an appetizer on the holiday table, often going on Friday around the afternoon.
367 - 25м 3
This recipe is very simple, taken from German magazine. It turns out tasty, but I think that not everyone will be able to get these Suppodely (prefabricated). But make them not too hard, if you really really want.

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