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2.3k 4 5м 1
Vintage Yemeni dish of fried puff pastry.
Lamb ribs in adjika with cilantro
1.9k - 180м 6
Ribs of lamb, marinated in adzhika and baked on a bed of cilantro - the dish flavorful and surprisingly tender! The lamb was, as we say, a little over a year when he paid with his life in favor of our gluttony.
Kuchi-machi beef tongue
1.7k - - -
A classic recipe of Georgian cuisine. A dish that is served in restaurants in Georgia and which you can successfully prepare yourself. It is not only beautiful, but also with a spicy taste and aroma, readily take root in every house and may occupy a place on the holiday table.
Algerian chicken soup with couscous
1.6k - 60м 4
Oh, what came of soup. Thick, rich, flavorful, hearty. Cooked for lunch, but gladly ate and dinner. Gorgeous soup! Eat it?
Ham baked "Tom and Jerry"
1.4k - 180м 4
If you watched the cartoon "Tom and Jerry", it could not ignore a juicy delicious piece of meat with bone, which is constantly dragged cat and mouse. My youngest son (he's 19 ) grew up on this cartoon. And yesterday when I got a piece of ham for baking, he exclaimed: "Mom, it's meat from "Tom and Jerry!" So to the recipe and "stuck" is the name. And the meat turned out juicy, tender and spicy at the same time.
Portioned chickens gherkins, baked in the oven
1.4k - - -
Small portion chicken, in a spicy sauce, with a slight crunch and a delicious crust for a festive table! To cook easy and fast dish is amazingly delicious and presentable! What I love about feeding chickens gherkins guests for what these birds look good on the table, quick to prepare, and they do not need to be cut, one little portion, very comfortable, and very little calories! Cozy and yummy holidays, everyone!

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